Claim terms livestock


1. If nonetheless receives a complaint from the buyer within 5 days
after delivery, within the meaning of article 5, of the living animals purchased by the
buyer then shall, if the buyer properly demonstrates that the
alleged inferiority cannot be blamed on the buyer and can exclusively be blamed on, proceed with redelivery of the living animals in a quantity equal to
the originally delivered shipment of living animals in respect of which the buyer
provides the prescribed evidence, to the satisfaction of, or credit
the buyer in connection therewith, such at the discretion of

2. Within the time limit as intended in paragraph 1 the buyer is held to send an email to In the said email the buyer specifies its full name, order
number and the name of the living animals. A clear photo must be sent in attachment
to the email.

3. If delivery took place in the manner as intended in article 5 of these General Terms and
Conditions then the period to complain of 5 days takes effect at the moment that the
living animals were actually received by the buyer however does
not accept or process a single complaint if the performance of the transport, regardless
of the fact as to whether this takes place by car, boot, train or airplane, is delayed by
any cause whatsoever, not even if the relevant complaint of the buyer is received by within 24 hours after the buyer has received the living animals.


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